How Rough Can It Get?

I was in an argument yesterday….that I broke down…..because it is with my closest kin.

The non-ending question of “When are you getting pregnant?”.

The argument begins years back with “When are you getting married?”

It will inevitably tails in the future with “When is the second one coming?”


The incessant asking of “When are you having kids?”, “I teach you, do it when your discharge is most slimmey”, “Shift your bed, move the chi in the room”…..You get the drill.

My points are:

  • Yes, I like to have kid(s) some day.
  • But if it doesn’t come now, I am happy to go on a date with my hubby come Friday night
  • Don’t tell me “kids will complete me” kind of bull shit, perhaps it will but I am happy now as who I am.
  • My closest relatives are eager to see “a complete me”
  • I thank them for their care and concern, sincerely
  • Enough……please stop.

Really, I don’t want to go to a point when I’m naked on the bed with my hubby but all I can fucking think of are their faces and words. DAMN!

Your goals in life doesn’t mean they are mine too! Stop imposing your self righteousness on me:

Someone told me this:

If your rebuttal is polite, it will not stop them from asking again.

If your rebuttal is rude, it will ruin your relationship with them.

Sometimes, one has to choose.

How true……?

Sometimes we just need to be nasty to get things heard.


One thought on “How Rough Can It Get?

  1. […] My friends who know me would either (1) know me, (2) they are mature friends, or (3) had been brushed off by my direct response that they shall never offer any more advice whatsoever. My post on rebuttals. […]

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