Last day before “Sleepless in Singapore”

Tomorrow is the big day.

Yes, I’m opting for induce labour. EDD was 15 December but my gynae will be traveling on the 16th so she suggested induced labour if I want her to deliver. Furthermore, I am already 4cm dilated for 10 days, mucous plug had also been released thrice, so I am all ready to deliver……just that apparently Baby probably isn’t’ yet. He is just taking his time… his father.

When I told my friends that I’m going for induced labour tomorrow, they texted “Why not on Thursday? It will be 12 December. 1212. Nice number!”

To that I replied “Tomorrow even nicer, 11.12.13.” And guess what my friend replied?

“Wah lau, then plan it to be delivered at 10am or 10pm. And since its your first baby, make it a Royal Flush Baby! 10am/pm, 11.12.13. 1st kid!! Swee!”

Well, I liked the idea! LOL!

There is a degree of anxiety for the past 2 weeks. Wanting the Baby to come yet clinging to the freedom at the same time. Worrying when there was no movement in the tummy, wondering if he’s still doing well in there. Went to Orchard yesterday to do some last minute shopping for my own CNY clothes though not knowing what size to buy. Surrendered after an hour of walking in Robinsons. Ended up in Mothercare getting a few last minute blankies, muslins, etc.  Went to one of my favorite Bak Chor Mee stall to savor the pork lard laden dish. And I’m contemplating getting a plate of Wee Nam Kee chicken rice later for lunch.

Just completed my resolutions for 2014. Nothing big next year. It is a year mostly dedicated to my Baby. A different life, but my life nevertheless.


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