Counting my blessings

It is boxing day!

Baby’s Day 16.

Still exhausted. Still tired. Still sleepy.

Can’t imagine if I didn’t have my confinement lady with me. I think I will suffer full fledge post natal mother syndrome when she leaves.

Anyway, just counting my blessings that:

(1) “Ang” has been pretty hands-on. Lucky Baby came year end that office mode is at its lowest with almost everyone on annual leave and those who are not, simply has no mood to work. “Ang” has been trying to clear his annual leave half day here, full day there as much as he can.

(2) Mother-in-law has been the most anxious person in the entire Grandson thingy. Though she can be over zealous in many ways, I am glad she is willing to offer her help taking care of Baby when I return to work. Nowadays, not all grannies want to do that, apparently, the silver population has evolved.

(3) Breastfeeding so far has been quite successful. But I don’t want to jinx it. Latching is pretty smooth. Supply came in fast and furious, so much so I wet my bed sheet.

(4) Hero has been a darling too. He kind of suffer a little attention deficiency but was pretty gentle with Baby. Sniffing Baby’s poo and pee all the time, and his head, licking at times. That’s the way he shows his affection. But he’s not been finishing his food of late.

OK! Got to go….I’m yawning already.


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