Documenting Baby Ben

I am so sorry WordPress.

I find turning on the computer a real chore nowadays. New mom’s time is so precious we use our free time for sleep, expressing milk and doing business in the toilet.

Your mobile app isn’t very stable (I keep getting no connection error from you) so I decided to move my daily happenings of Baby Ben to Dayre, a mobile app. Beerkaki at

Trust me, this decision didn’t come easy. It is not entirely your fault. I have changed. From an freedom seeking ambitious lady to a new mother, I needed something to suit my new lifestyle.

But I will not abandon you. After all, I spent my past 7 years with you. I may be cold at times, but I do pour out my inner most feelings and thoughts with you. You have been my pillar of support for the worst times.

I will visit you as often as I could. I promise.


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