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I couldn’t sleep again….and this is a sign either I’m super excited about something, or something is really bothering me.

I think it is the latter this time.

I used to find Home as my sanctuary. Somewhere I can feel most secured, most relaxed, most comfortable. After 10 months in this new home, I still couldn’t.

I feel claustrophobic…..perhaps due to the low ceiling height.

I feel the unit layout design can be better designed…..HDB needs to look into this. This is the cause of many neighborly disputes.

Not trying to be elitist here, communicating with the blue collars neighbors can be an absolute challenge. It is like when Singapore tried to communicate to Indonesia about the haze and all Indonesia could reply was to veer the topic entirely way off that the Indonesian President had to apologise on his Minister’s behalf! How did our Ministers deal with bilateral issues like that?

I have always embrace change in my life in good stride, looking forward to a good challenge. Have I gotten older that I am resisting Change?

Anyway, come to think about it, 1 year had passed since I purchased this HDB flat, just counting to another 4 years…..


First Baby Want

Immediately past my 1st trimester, I became a bit more relaxed and started the online search for baby stuff – books, names, clothes, food, health and one that I keep drawing me to was the nursery.

Yes……. Nursery. The Baby Room. Of all things.

Home & Decor addict I still am.

And what I am drooling at now?


A Baby Chair! To be exact, Tripp Trapp by Stokke!

I have seen this in magazines and websites in the past and always thought it is a classic, simple design encompassing function. The best part is, which is also the most important part for my ‘Ang’ for the pretty hefty price tag, that is not only a chair for baby and toddler, it can last a lifetime! See!


And I think it can double up as a ladder too!


Look…Look at how well it blends into the interior!


Tripp Trapp 004


This emerald green one really is luxurious…… I love GREEN!


Can you peek into the other room and catch a glimpse of a white Tripp Trapp?


This orange one is STRIKING against a dark background!

I have always advocated dinner time with family members sitting around the table, rather than feeding kids spoon by spoon in front of the TV. By the way, I despise that.

Over a dining table, it brings about values on:

  • punctuality. No one starts eating until the last family member arrives.
  • respecting elders.
  • no fussy food eater. Eat whatever that is served on the table and appreciating the person who took time and effort to cook for us.
  • building confidence in speaking in front of a  crowd. Starting young with speaking to your family!
  • eliminate focus on individual needs. Putting aside time for family. Other things can wait.


And, And, And…….not only for dining table. Tripp Trapp can be used for study tables too! Even more justified for my ‘Ang’.



Stokke Tripp Trapp it shall be…….which color?


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This is a post I have been planning to write but had been procrastinating. I had planned to take some pictures together with this post but thought if I wait, this post will never come.

I’m moving. Leaving this estate I lived for the past 6 years.

I was feeling a little sentimental about it the past week.

Whenever I bring Hero down for his morning (and/or evening) walk, the security guard will always greet me and called out to Hero “Puppy!!”, no matter how huge Hero has become, a good 35kg German Shephard and she still calls him “Puppy”???!!!

The Chinese estate cleaners will be doing their rounds collecting garbage from the refuse chutes in their make-do golf carts. They will always wave at me and go “早!又遛狗啦!” They will sometimes chit chat with me asking how much does Hero eat and what do we feed Him. Occasionally, I’ll pass them my unwanted appliances like electric fan, slow cooker, etc.

My estate’s main entrance is at a Cul-De-Sac, which is great!! Beautifully landscaped by NParks and its privacy gives it a warm quiet feel. Cars will be zooming in and out sending kids to school or going to work. My neighbors and I will always exchange waves acknowledging each other . At times, bumping into fellow dog walkers, we will be chatting away and the dogs fooling around.

The thing I will miss most are my neighbors. Neighbours from the same block. Neighbours from the other blocks.

We go out for brunches and lunches and dinners. We throw BYO parties, Christmas parties, Cheese & Wine parties, CNY parties, rotating among our homes. We partied and drank past midnight, never worrying about drink driving!!

One of the neighbors is a great baker and we always enjoy her pastries and home-made ice-creams.

Another neighbor is a surrogate god father of all of our dogs. He would dog-sit while we go on vacations or needed someone to care for the dogs. When my mom passed away, 2 of my neighbors volunteered to rotate themselves taking the morning walk and the evening walk. They knew I would be too tired with the wake to come home and walk Hero. I passed them my keys and I know Hero is in good hands. Vice versa when one of my neighbour’s mother passed away, we attended the wake and took rotation on walking and feeding their dogs.

Whenever I came across good food, I would order for them to go and take orders from these neighbors. At the end of the day, they will come my place to collect the food and we will start chatting again at the lobby or sometimes at home. The food range from Swissroll from “Good & Rich Cakes” to Jiaozi from Neil Road to durians from Dempsey.

Another neighbor is our own travel consultant. She is always great with the best hotel and travel deals. So reliable she planned for our New Zealand and Malacca trips. Yes, we go vacationing with neighbors!!! And kudos to her, settling on a traveling time where EVERYONE can take leave from work is a real fit!!! And she can have thousand and one permutations that can satisfy EVERYONE!!! That is one hell of a coordination work.

The kampong spirit lives here and I am sad to see it go. I am blessed to have such good neighbors and that our friendship had developed beyond neighborliness.

Now, I am waiting for my mover to arrive in another 20 minutes. My ‘Ang’ and I sitting in the empty living room, looking at the bare walls. And my ‘Ang’ lamented ” it was 6 years ago, isn’t it?”

Thank you for giving me 6 wonderful years of memories.



It is Archifest 2012, Singapore’s festival celebrating the environment and communities we live in. It has been 6 years running and this is my first time that I finally found time to attend one of their events.

Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, this year’s theme was “Rethink Singapore“.

I wanted to attend some of the tours but were all fully booked!! I didn’t know there were so many architectural enthusiast out there!! I only managed to attend one – Conservation Tour in Tanjong Pagar, Neil Road and we ended the tour by spending an hour in Baba House, a painstakingly 18 months project unveiling the intricate conservation.

I forgot to bring my camera and only survived on my iPhone… here they are.

Neil Road junction famous for trishaw congregation!!

Former Tiger Balm factory against the backdrop of our newest 50 storeys high HDB flat – The Pinnacle

Tea Chapter – No 9 Neil Road. One of the first conservation project URA undertook.

The Baba House

Buildings gives us so much memories and history. Shapes our community and the way we live.

I completely enjoyed myself within that 2 hours span.

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How do I even start?

We sold our home. Our matrimonial home.

We first marketed our home back in Nov 2011. We weren’t very sure about it but wanted to test the market and see its response. Though we made contingency plans on where we can move to, we weren’t exactly looking forward to it. We also thought of buying a second home while keeping this current one.

Occasionally, I flipped the Classified for fun and laughter and we will end up visiting some HDB resale flats impromptu. We will start analyzing the environment, the neighbors, the greenery where we can bring our Hero for his walks, all as if we are seriously buying the unit. Somehow or rather, these units we see will get sold in a day and we were never ready to make an offer.

All in all, we were half past six on moving. We keep having moving targets. So, as often as human beings behaved, we sat on it and the idea of selling the home died of natural causes.

One day, as often as I receive flyers from property agents, I received one that was miserably handwritten (perhaps he had written so many that the words are flying all over). I opened it and he particularly wanted a corner unit and willing to pay a high price for it. (price was indicated) I looked at the property agency. Well, never heard of it. So, after a couple of days, I randomly mentioned it to my ‘Ang’ and he said, maybe we should try calling him.

By this time, I am super sian about selling our home because we can never conclude what we wanted. I sat on it for another few days and for fun and laughter, I called the agent. He was so excited hearing from me and immediately wanted to view my place that evening with his buyer. We were cautious so we met up with him first. We sorted out everything with the agent (without signing any exclusive with him), the buyer came the following weekday night. Weekday night!!??? I was telling myself, whoever view properties on a weekday night must be a serious buyer. And in a whim, the buyer walked one round in my apartment and took out her cheque book and made a deposit. We negotiated because we needed to extend the handover date by another 3 months! So we  gave them a discount. They agreed to it, we settled the paperwork and when the dust settled and main door closed, my ‘Ang’ and I looked at each other – For real, we SOLD it!

I checked that we have broke a record high selling price in our estate. I was happy about the sale but worried at the same time on where we are going to stay next.

The weekend before the buyer came to view our home, I was pretty worried already. So, this time, not for fun and laughter but for serious home hunting, I flipped the Classified and combed through Propertyguru and iProperty. We visited a few units and saw one that we liked. We didn’t make any offer because we weren’t sure if our place will indeed be sold. So when we did in fact sold our place, I ring up the unit that we liked and wanted a second viewing on a Thursday night. This also means we are serious buyer – visiting on a weekday night. We still didn’t make an offer but asked about handover date, early move in, etc. Lucky for us, this unit was a tenanted unit which means, vacating and handing over to us is straight forward. The owner don’t even need the proceed to buy another unit or needed any contra facility.

[Coincidentally, the selling agent of our new place asked us where we were staying so we told him and said we are selling our place before we can buy one. Upon hearing where we stay, he called me the next day telling me he had a buyer very interested in our estate, particularly a corner unit. So he arranged for a viewing, coincidentally the same day the other very interested buyer wanted to view our place. So, I suddenly had 2 interested buyers to view our place on the same weekday night! One at 830pm, one at 9pm. Both made offers but the latter made a higher one.]

Then my Ang’ suddenly dropped a bomb. “Eh, our bank loan is locked in!! We need to pay penalty!”

Wah Lau Eh!!!! I pulled out the bank loan letter of offer and scrutinize the small prints and clauses. I turned around and looked at my ‘Ang’: “Heng Ah! Got hope. May not have to pay penalty. I’ll call the banker tomorrow.” As it turns out, I was right. No penalty on the basis that the mortgage will be fully repaid because it was sold, not because it was refinanced to another financial institution.

To me, I take everything as a sign. When we marketed it back in Nov 2011, nothing seems to fall in place. But this time, the buyer was quick and was willing to extend the handover date, we saw a unit we liked with a seller that provided a straight forward transaction and allow early move in, and the loan just fell in place. All these happened in less than a week. It is a sign. They are signs! The stars are aligned now.

I wasn’t sad to sell our matrimonial home. I wasn’t depressed. In fact, I didn’t feel much about it. My neighbors were actually very affected by my sale.

Perhaps I was so focused on the sale and the buying of our new place, I completely had no time to feel about it. Now that the dust had settled and we are working with 2 interior designers on renovating the new place, I still don’t feel much about it. Maybe I will, when the day comes to move and the apartment is empty.

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