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Hero has fans

Hero has become the center of attraction in the new neighbourhood!

I always leave my main door open. So, naturally, Hero lies near the door, looking out.

Whenever my next door neighbour leaves home, he will say “Bye Hero!”. He is a 54 year old malay man! The wife and children are always friendly to Hero too. Whenever they have relatives who comes over to visit, which is pretty often, they always take time to introduce their new “neighbor Hero” to their relatives. And the commotion will go on about how big he is…..all Hero will do is whine and whine about not being able to be patted or “sayang” by them.

Whenever I bring Hero downstairs for his pee and poo session, there will be kids playing half naked, running about and playing with their neighbours. Once they saw me, the kid will shout “Hero is here” and all the kids will somehow congregate together and look at Hero poo!!! What a sight!! They were curious about Hero but as with most malays, their curiosity is limited to further understand the dog breed. But it was funny enough for me to break into laughter.

And just past Monday, the Yakult lady came to deliver my stash for the week. Typically, Hero will be at the door and she will definitely pat Hero. But when she didn’t see Hero, she asked for him!! She even peered into the window to look for Hero!! (Hero was doing his routine exercise on the treadmill in the room)

So here’s a photo of my lovely Hero in his awkward hand entanglement posture and his blur look.


My lovely Hero

One of the things we were worried when we moved was Hero. New environment, new smell, new neighbors…… but he was a darling.

He only peed twice in the middle of the living room, showing that he is angry with us. That is his way of rebellion. He jolly well knows he needs to pee on the newspaper.

I caught Hero chewing up “whale fins”….

Hero 2Caught red handed!

Hero 3Refusing to let the “fin” go!

Hero 4Still act blur leh!

Hero 5Finally let go to show the “fin” he tore apart! Gave a guilty smile lor….

Hero 6

Refused to admit!

Hero 8Evidence! Still deny???!!

He is a darling. Bought this whale for him to play. Knew it would only last 15 mins max.

Hero 1Randomly place a rug on the floor and it became his bed! That’s how he claim his territory.

My lovely Hero.


The weather had been crazy these couple of weeks. One moment it will be thunderstorm complete with lightning and gusty winds, the other moment, it will be all sunny with prickly heat!

And look at my  Hero…..


Looks big, looks macho, looks hero, but gutless when it comes to thunder and wind.

Cycling – My new hobby?

To begin with, I’m not sure whether it’s gonna be a hobby or not cos’ I’m not really passionate about it.

My ‘Ang’ has been bugging me for the longest time to pick up that unused bicycle sitting at my mother-in-law’s place. Everytime when we bring Hero out for a walk along the park connector, my ‘Ang’ complains that I walked too slow and I couldn’t pick up my pace fast enough for Hero.

Well, Hero is a German Shephard.

My ‘Ang’ WAS an athelete.

Me? Dislike sweating.

So, one fine evening after our routine Saturday dinner at my in-laws, my ‘Ang’ decided to bring the bicycle home.

It is a foldable bicycle to begin with, and it is light. Ask me what brand? I don’t know. My sister-in-law, a housewife with 3 school going children, cycles to and fro schools to pick up her kids, do her grocery shopping and commute to and fro my mother-in-law’s house (We all lived within streets away from each other). Come the routine Saturday evening, her brood and her will cycle to my mother-in-laws place for dinner. She bought this foldable bicycle for her mother because her mother prepares lunch and dinner for her children and brings them to their home. So, 4 trips a day can be tough on a 65 year old’s weakening joints and feet. But my mother-in-law hasn’t been actively using it. And soon, it was collecting cobwebs. And my ‘Ang’ who will not spend any single cent unnecessarily, decided to jump on the wasted bicycle.

My father-in-law, being in the bicycle and rubber tyre business his whole life until recently retired, fitted the mechanism, checked that the brakes, etc. Frankly, I figure not what he was doing to it. Until ……Aiyah……”TYRE PANG CHEK”!!

So, my ‘Ang’ pushed it to the nearest petrol station to get the tyres pumped while I drove home in air-condition bliss.

The next couple of days, my ‘Ang’ adjusted the seat, knocked a little here and there, unscrewed a little here and there…and finally, he said “Let’s bring Hero for a ride”.

I know my ‘Ang’s’ ultimate aim is to ride the bicycle with Hero obediently heeling and running by its side. That’s a challenge! The consequence is that once Hero gets distracted, the bicycle “peng”, he “peng”, Hero also “peng”. Then you can imagine the whole jumbled up mess of metal, human flesh and hero’s fur. Not nice.

But anyway, we attempted. Here’s a vid of my ‘Ang’ training Hero.

Not bad sia!! I’m so proud of my Hero!! A German Shephard indeed!!! Very trainable!!

Hero does pulled on the leash when he sees someone he knows and tends run towards the subject. I had to let him off the leash twice because he was pulling me along the bicycle. But my ‘Ang’ says I need to pull him back and shouldn’t let him go. I need to correct Hero or else I’ll be in deep trouble next time.

We’ll need more training for Hero. My biggest worry – when hero sees a cat or dog!!

Last Sunday, I attempted riding the bicycle to buy prawn noodles. Will write more on that experience next post.

About a brave girl

On August 22, I brought home a rescued labrador name Roxy.

I volunteered to foster her until she completes her surgeries and recovery.

When I got her home, she just had a hip surgery a few days before so she was really inactive, but was walking well and keeps wagging her tail.

I borrowed a baby gate from my doggie neighbour and place Roxy at our yard with the extra dog bed we had. I introduced Roxy to my German Shephard, Hero. She growls whenever Hero gets close to her, sniffing her and getting her to play. But poor Roxy, she’s injured lah!! How to to play with Hero?? And Hero is very rough when it comes to playing.  I think Hero doesn’t know how big he is.

It took a few days of growling at Hero, hiding at a corner, her head chucked below the sofa before this happens.


From then on, Roxy no longer stays in the Yard, she lies on Hero’s comfy dog bed because she chews up the old one in the Yard. And Hero has to make do with a small rug carpet.

As Roxy recovers from her hip surgery, we tended to her wound. There was once she bit off the suture when her wound nearly closed! We could even see the thread jutting out from her wound and blood was flowing out again! We rushed her to the vet. So we got her a e-collar.

About 2 months later after her hip surgery, she was once again in the vet for the other hip surgery. I brought her home in the evening and had the help of a vet assistance to transfer to my car. She was wagging her tail none stop when she sees me.

My ‘Ang’ helped me transfer her at home. We discussed for a good place for her to rest and decided that the yard is a better place because the water source and pee pad are all in the yard. If we put her in the living room, she would have to walk a longer distance to get to the water. But we left the gate open. It took us a lot of effort to transfer her to the Yard!

In the night, I was pretty worried so I checked her out at 2.30am. Guess what? She is lying in the living room!! I wonder how she managed to walk!

At 6am, my ‘Ang’ brings Hero out for his morning walk. Typically after Hero’s walk, it will be Roy’s. But now she is 3 legged, my ‘Ang’ decides maybe she should rest for a day. But hor…..she yelps and yelps when she didn’t get the chance to go out!!!

On the 2nd day afternoon, I see that she is already load bearing on the leg that just had surgery!! She is just a brave girl. No whining, no crying……and still wagging her tail. The vet even says her pain tolerance is really high.

Roxy actually comes from a puppy mill from Pasir Ris. A friend of mine bought over the puppy mill when the despicable owner decides to end the puppymill business. There were about 85 dogs altogether. Some had passed on when we got them. Some got rehabilitated and adopted subsequently. Some are still in foster care. Roxy is one of them.

A lot of times when I speak about puppy mill, no one knows what exactly is a puppy mill. A puppy mill is, according to Wiki,

a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care

This means that the dogs in puppy mills are there just to breed and give birth to puppies. The bitches bred everytime they are in heat.

Roxy, a female labrador, weighs about 22kg now and about 50cm high. Under American Kennel Club description, labrador’s minimum size for a bitch should weigh 25kg and 54.6cm high. From this, you can see that Roxy has either not fully grow to her size or does not have good pedigree.

Then think about it, since Roxy either has not fully grown or does not have good pedigree, what will become of her puppies? Roxy probably hasn’t recovered from her first litter and she is off to her second litter!! Roxy now suffers from hip dysplasia, cataract and teeth decay.

Think about it again….if you have bought one of Roxy’s puppies…..

Roxy has went through 2 major operations this year. Next year, we will be getting her spayed.

Despite where she comes from, she looks forward to her twice daily walks, she looks forward to her daily meal. She wags her tail continously whenever people approaches her, even strangers. She licks you, showing her abundant affections. And she does what dogs do best……lying around and sleeps…..and she snores….very loudly!!

And meanwhile, we are getting her adopted…..Good Luck ROXY! You are a brave girl.

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