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Eat List

People always ask preggies if they have any cravings. For me, actually I’ve none.

But I do have a Eat list after I pop, or at least I stop breast feeding

Genmaicha tea
Laksa with hum
Char Kway Tiao with hum
Oyster omelette
Maggie mee


Post Update: Additional items to the list:




Crab Pasta

Ever since Chubby Hubby revamped his blog, I have been visiting more frequently. I picked up one of the easier recipes and decide to try it out – Crab Pasta.

I bought 2 flower crabs from NTUC, not the freshest but they will do.

So very often, whenever I cook prawns that needed to be de-shelled,  I always save the shells and keep them in the freezer. So, here they are!! 派上用场了!

Here are the ingredients for the broth:

  • 2 flower crabs
  • Prawn Shells (around 10-12 prawns)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 lemongrass
  • handful of laksa leaves
  • Can of plum tomato

Fry the crabs and prawn shells, add in the rest of the ingredients and a can of plum tomatoes. Add water. Boil and simmer. CH’s recipe call for basil but there was no basil available when I was super marketing, so I left it out.

The frying starts and the simmering begins.

This was the time when my ‘Ang’ walk into the Kitchen and lamented “Smells really good leh”

Now for the dish itself:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Chilli
  • Onion
  • Laksa Leaves
  • Prawns
  • Crabmeat (I bought mock crab meat which I regretted because by the time it was cooked, the mock crabmeat had disintegrated and became very soft, sweetness was also gone)
  • I left the parmesan cheese out. ‘Ang’ don’t really eat cheese and it is not a staple in my fridge. So ultimately that chunk of cheese bought specifically for this dish will be buried at the back of the fridge and never see day light! So, I didn’t bother.

Complete Yum!! I think I concentrate on preparing the broth that I overcooked the pasta *face palm*



What is wrong with my body?

I keep getting sick. Caught a bad flu out of nowhere. Tried to self medicate for 2 days but still not recovering. Saw a doc. Now into Day 4 and still feeling weak.

One thing I do when I’m home bound is to glue myself to BBC Lifestyle, AFC, Food Network, TLC or whatever cooking show there is on TV. My favorite is still Jamie Oliver. After that, I will be soooo inspired to try out those recipes that I will google the recipes online.

Even more inspired, I drive up to the supermarket to get those ingredients and get freezed up in those super cold displays fridge and come home tired, more sick but with bags of ingredients.

Now, I have ingredients for 2 dishes but I’m so weak to cook. Darn.

Anyhow, I still have energy to write. So, I was in for a mussels craving last month and planning to go Brussel Sprouts for good old pots of mussels. Just like my time in London eating at Belgoes. I dated my ‘Ang’ on a Friday and he immediately said yes. I wanted to take out because I had a bottle of Pinot Gris at home. I scouted through Brussel Sprouts take out menu. A 750 grams pot of mussels going for $40. Something is wrong. Its to freaking EXPENSIVE simply because I know the cost price of the these mussels. OK, granted, Brussel Sprouts may use better mussels imported from overseas, but still, they are quite cheap. I always cannot get myself to order any clam-based dishes and forking out $28 for a plate of Spaghetti Vongole.

So, I changed my mind and marched into King Albert’s Cold Storage (my usual grocery hunt), and lo and behold, they have mussels! They are pretty seasonal in Cold Storage so in my enthusiasm, I grabbed 2 packets. Looking at them, they must be local breeds.


I cooked one packet in cream sauce with leeks and white wine. The other packet I cheated a bit, I bought a packet of Prima Taste Chilli Crab premix. Stir fried them. Blanched some broccoli stems flowers on the side. Toasted some baguette for the gravy. And…….



The mussels were meaty and juicy. And in my over zealousness, we stuffed ourselves with 1.2 kg of these mussels.

Kimchi Cucumber

It took me practically 1 month to trace down that Korean chilli powder!

I went to Sol market but the staff told me all their outlets are out. The chilli powder price went up 200% as I was told and their boss is trying to replace with another brand of chilli powder. So, one fine day, while I was walking back from my office to the URA carpark, I dawned onto me that there is a Korean wholesale shop just beside my office building! Its Tanjong Pagar! The epicentre of Korean cuisine in Singapore. The Little Korea!

It is kind of a run down building  and no one would know that behind that dark glass windows, sits a Korean shop. I went in. A bell rang. A woman appeared from a little back office. She asked what I want and I told her. She brought me to the aisle and pointed at a dusty pile of chilli powder packets. No price was on it. She said $22. It’s more than a kg but I took it nonetheless. I wanted to go walk around the shop for other items but she marched to the cashier, prepare that red ratty plastic bag and waited for me to pay. I think I might have disturbed her lunch.

Anyway, I adapted the recipe here.

It took a while to buy the right cucumbers. I wanted those with as little seeds as possible. The best would be telegraph cucumbers but they are non-existence really expensive here in this part of the world. So I settled with what our supermarket termed as “Japanese cucumbers”.

I soaked them in salty boiling water for 50 mins. I think I added too much salt.

At this point, I was supposed to pour the water away and rinse with cold water but I completely forgot. I only rinsed with tap water once. I don’t know why we need to use cold water but I have written to Aeri’s Kitchen, the originator of this recipe and waiting for her reply.

Here’s the chilli paste with sugar, fish sauce, ginger paste, garlic paste and water.

I stuffed the cucumbers with the paste. Kept them out, covered overnight. And this morning, I saw this.

Look at that water! When I left them yesterday night, there wasn’t any water but this morning, it filled half the container! Realised this is common. I supposed cucumbers have really high water content.

Tested it in the morning. Can’t really say I liked it because it was too salty! It must have been my heavy-handedness in adding the salt or the fact that I didn’t rinse it enough. But still, eatable lah!

Just side track a bit, to make the ginger and garlic paste. I dug this out.

It has interchangeable blades for different cuts. But this is not what I’m going to talk about.

Can see this is really old right?

I practically inherited all my mama’s kitchen utensils, cutlery, pots and pans. Her Le Creuset pans are still at my brother’s place because they are just so heavy!

This kitchen slicer is by KAI, a very good Japanese brand till today. Their products are still hanging in shelves of Isetan and Takashimaya. And frankly, the blades are still sharp, except that the plastic parts are turning yellow.

Guess how old this is?

Look at the top right corner of the box.

Yes. It is a price tag.

Yes. It is Yaohan!

Yes. Its is $21.63

Days when Takashimaya was unknown in Singapore. Days when 1 cent was still a legal tender.

It must have been at least 20 years old.

One of my dreams


I have been wanting to watch this show for the looooonngest time.

Was only able to hunt it down at my local DVD rental shop after my request. They transferred it from another outlet and kept it for 3 days before I collected it! That’s what I called Customer Service!!

I’m not going to write much about the show, if you are interested, go watch it. I was so inspired after watching it I feel like doing something. Before long I was chatting with a friend (whom we both left the Corporate World) about chasing our dreams.

Winning the Grammy awards was one of his dreams. One of mine was writing a cook book. I wanted to document my late mother’s yellowing recipes. How I had to follow her to a cooking class in my school uniform when I was young. How I had to follow her to some forest to identify and pick spices. How I had to help in her foodstall grumbling about not able to go to the movies with my friends. How I had to register and call that chef from overseas coming into Singapore for that 1 cooking class (Think 1980s, there’s no World Gourmet Summit in Singapore) How the food she sold brought me up.

Ahh…….that day will come!

I will master her recipes!

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