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Woke up this morning around 2.30am to feed Son. By the time feeding ends and finished expressing, it was past 3am. I plonked onto my beloved bed and desperately wanted an immediate shut eye.

But suddenly, out of no where, I remembered it is the 22nd today. 22nd of January!

It’s been 3 years?! Mom, you’ve got a grandson now.


Anticipation and other shite

Here I’m sitting in my Study room trying to complete an evaluation report on who to recommend the construction project to. And all I can think of is to disqualify all the tender submissions! Why can’t people follow instructions in the tender specifications?!

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home 3 weeks prior to my delivery date, yet I am wasting time googling nonsensical stuff like e-shopping for bikinis. Don’t ask me why, I can’t even swim properly. Straight away my mind brings me to the newly minted stretch marks on my tummy and the celluloid infested thighs, I gagged.

My forever operationally ready “Ang” had been asking me:

‘Is the hospital bag packed?’

‘Have you determined the pediatrician already? Is it 24 hours?’

‘Have you called the confinement lady to remind her of your due date?’

‘Have you bought all the stuff you need?’

Perhaps coupled with my inability to sleep at night, I get restless in the day.

I try to do some baking at home just to occupy some of my time at home.

I finally traded my 2 door coupe with my brother’s MPV. My ‘Ang’ had been so diligently making sure all is fine with the car and even fitted the infant car seat in the car already!! He even asked me to maintain at least a half tank full of petrol. He doesn’t want to run into an empty tank when we need to rush to the hospital.

My mother-in-law is making her “trial run” to my home via public transport so that she knows how to come to my place if no ones drives her. She is my point man for buying fresh fish and confinement food from the wet market.

Thanksgiving Day. I have always had a liking to this holiday. It is so meaningful. Historically a day to give thanks to the harvest, I thought it is a good practice to continue giving thanks to what we have achieved nearing the end of the year. Since Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November, I thought it is a good  and appropriate time to reconcile those resolutions made at the beginning of the year. A time for reflection, for gratitude. And that leads to making new resolutions in December for the next year. Celebrate, rest and have a great time during Christmas!

Bad Parenting

As the due date draws nearer and nearer, somehow, my brain is wired to recall all the bad parenting my mother had on me! WTF?

My lovely Hero

One of the things we were worried when we moved was Hero. New environment, new smell, new neighbors…… but he was a darling.

He only peed twice in the middle of the living room, showing that he is angry with us. That is his way of rebellion. He jolly well knows he needs to pee on the newspaper.

I caught Hero chewing up “whale fins”….

Hero 2Caught red handed!

Hero 3Refusing to let the “fin” go!

Hero 4Still act blur leh!

Hero 5Finally let go to show the “fin” he tore apart! Gave a guilty smile lor….

Hero 6

Refused to admit!

Hero 8Evidence! Still deny???!!

He is a darling. Bought this whale for him to play. Knew it would only last 15 mins max.

Hero 1Randomly place a rug on the floor and it became his bed! That’s how he claim his territory.

My lovely Hero.


I NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!!

Nabei….after almost 2 months, I am still dreaming every night!

I get through my day without energy! I get breathless after speaking for like, 4 sentences. I keep yawning.

Somehow I lost my adrenalin rush to get things done. I am so lethargic!

Today, is also the day my ‘Ang’ went for his day surgery to address his sleep apnea. While checking into day surgery ward in my half awake zombie-fied state, I caught a word written on his medical sheet, the longest word I ever read, 11 syllabus in all, called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty!

Every time the nurse came in to verify my ‘Ang’ name, date of birth, drug allergies and their last question was always “What surgery are you going for?”

I can’t help but burst out laughing.

Anyway……my boss texted me asking me if my ‘Ang’ is OK and he ended the conversation with “So he will have a good sleep tonight, including you.”

YES! I hope I have a good sleep tonight!



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