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One of my dreams


I have been wanting to watch this show for the looooonngest time.

Was only able to hunt it down at my local DVD rental shop after my request. They transferred it from another outlet and kept it for 3 days before I collected it! That’s what I called Customer Service!!

I’m not going to write much about the show, if you are interested, go watch it. I was so inspired after watching it I feel like doing something. Before long I was chatting with a friend (whom we both left the Corporate World) about chasing our dreams.

Winning the Grammy awards was one of his dreams. One of mine was writing a cook book. I wanted to document my late mother’s yellowing recipes. How I had to follow her to a cooking class in my school uniform when I was young. How I had to follow her to some forest to identify and pick spices. How I had to help in her foodstall grumbling about not able to go to the movies with my friends. How I had to register and call that chef from overseas coming into Singapore for that 1 cooking class (Think 1980s, there’s no World Gourmet Summit in Singapore) How the food she sold brought me up.

Ahh…….that day will come!

I will master her recipes!

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